Fast Funding program


Customized origination capital program specifically for BHPH Dealers.   The Fast Funding Program allows the dealer to sell loan origination’s at point of sale.  Guidelines and advance rates are customized based on deal structure, collateral value and loan terms.


Program Guidelines

  • No aging required
  • Immediate short-term cash flow for BHPH loan originations
  • Origination terms up to 42 months considered
  • GPS preferred


Dealer Advantages

  • Day 1 profit
  • Mitigate the risk and cost associated with collections and account servicing
  • Supplemental cash flow plan to compliment your existing BHPH model
  • Short term liquidity solution as part of a balance sheet management strategy


  • Guidelines and pricing customized to your existing underwriting parameters
  • Branded/salvage titles considered
  • All payment frequencies considered, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly
  • Credit builder for you customer
  • Fast funding


Dealer Qualification Process

  • Completed dealer information profile
  • Complete copy of articles of incorporation
  • Active dealer license
  • Finance license
  • Insurance bond
  • Valid drivers license
  • Business card
  • Properly executed RISC (retail sales installment contract)
  • Title


Getting Started

Step 1

Dealer forwards new loan originations based on pre-approved underwriting guidelines and provides copy of customer Retail Sales Installment Contract (RISC), Customer Credit Application, Customer Bill of Sale/Buyers Order.

Step 2

.  Due Diligence – Following account acceptance, Dealer executes signed Letter of Intent to sell and the team at Texas Dealer Solutions works with you through our Due Diligence where we review original documents and complete a Verification Call for each account considered. The Verification Call will confirm: Customer Name, Vehicle (Year, Make, Model), and Payment Information.

Step 3

Close, Fund and Transition – The third and final step is Closing, Funding and Transitioning your transaction.  This process, we will work with you to welcome your customers to our program. Our Customer Welcome Process includes a Goodbye Letter sent on your behalf; Welcome Call, informing the customer that we have purchased their account; and Welcome Packet, mailed to their home.

From Our Founder

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