You Have Rights

Dealer Bill of Rights

We believe everyone deserves respect and attention … even the small guy … because we remember being the small guy.

RESOLVED by Texas Dealer Solutions (TDS), that the following Articles be proposed and accepted as a standard of doing business; viz.


Article the first… The actual price of the portfolio should be known at the time of sale and not obscured by bonus pools or a bait and switch.


Article the second…  All people have intrinsic value and have the unalienable right to be treated with dignity and respect. This includes dealers, customers, and finance companies.


Article the third…  Disagreements will be resolved through respectful conversations. Courts are the option of last resort.


Article the fourth… The dealer’s money should be treated as the dealer’s money and distributions should be timely.


Article the fifth… TDS agrees and commits to hold confident the dealer’s private client information.





Kip Cochran
Texas Dealer Solutions