A Call to Change

About US

We are a family made up of blood relatives and lifelong friends. We’ve followed each other across the country so we can work together. Our goal is to provide alternative cash flow and liquidity solutions for BHPH dealers and their related finance companies. But before we were Texas Dealer Solutions (TDS), we were a dealer with 11 locations. And that’s when we realized that the BHPH world is imperfect. So, we begin every day with the mission to fix what is broken. We hope you’ll join us on this mission.

We believe working with your friends is more valuable than any high salary from strangers.


We believe family comes first.


We believe in doing things right … with integrity or we don’t do them at all.


We believe a well-run BHPH dealership changes generations of lives.


We believe we too can change lives … and the generations that follow.


We believe everyone deserves respect and attention … even the small guy … because we remember being the small guy.


We believe everyone deserves a second chance because of what it meant to us when we were given the same.


We believe bad deals hurt everyone.


We believe in honest conversations … even when it’s uncomfortable … for us.


We believe a BHPH dealership is really a bank masquerading as a car lot.


We believe in simple, readable contracts.


We believe going to bed with a clear conscience is more valuable than sleeping on a fat mattress.


We believe we’re going to change the BHPH business.


We believe tomorrow can be better than today … if we’re willing to change. And …
… we hope you’ll join that journey with us.